Free SST Charts


Free SST Charts



Complete FREE Offshore Data System

Covering the Entire US East Coast and Gulf Coasts

Free MODIS SST Charts - Free AVHRR SST Charts - Free GEOS SST Charts

Every SST Chart available, All in one place!

All 3 SST Charts with Loops

Sea Surface Temperature Charts from all the 3 NOAA Satellites. Complete Read outs of Position and Temperature. Updated every 6 hours. These SST Charts built around a GIS System for Positional Accuracy NOT "Pretty Pictures". Each SST Chart Features a Looping Subsystem that can Add SST Charts, Subtract SST Charts, Loop SST Charts, Rock SST Charts forward and backward and Zoom in to Looping SST Charts. This is State of the Art in SST Chart Tech!

MODIS Chlorophyll Single Pass - 1 day Composite - 3 day Composite
All 3 Chlorophyll Charts with Loops

Chlorophyll Single Pass Charts updated every 6 hours. Complete Read outs of Position and Chlorophyll level with high positional accuracy and looping subsystem.

Bottom Topography with Color Relief

Make the bottom come to life with our Complete color relief of the bottom including Contour lines at 10 Feet - 25 Feet - 50 Feet - 75 Feet - 100 Feet- 200 Feet - 500 Feet According to Zoom Level. This is science grade data with high Positional Accuracy.

USCG Navigation Charts

Entrance and Offshore USCG Navigation Charts. Complete set from Maine to Floridia to Texas to Mexico to Washington State.

MODIS True Color

Modis True Color updated every 6 hours. Visible light showing Clear water and dirty water.

USCG Navigation Charts

USCG Entrance and Offshore Navigation Charts. Every chart in the region. Zoomable and Clickable.



USCG Offshore Navigation Charts

Offshore and Entrance USCG Navigation Charts


Satellite Imagery - Infrared - Visible - Water Vapor - True Color

Satellite Imagery of Current Conditions updated every hour. A great Way to get an Overview of the coming weather conditions.


Current Offshore Conditions

All NDBC Buoys Reports PLUS Ship Reports in one easy to use interface. Updated every 10 min


Forecasts - NWS - GFS - GFS Marine - ETA/Name - ETA/NAM Marine

Complete Forecast coverage from the National Weather Service including Advisories, Warning and Watches. Global Forecasting System, North American Model, nearshore and Offshore NWS Forecasts. All in a Clickable detail format. Get Complete Weather Coverage in Minutes, all in one place. If you want the WHOLE picture...This is where to get it FREE.


WaveCast - Wave Height - Wave Period with Loops

The WaveWatch III Weather Model forecasting Wave Heights and Wave Period every 2 hours. View In Map graphics or Loop the images to watch the overall pattern.


ReefCast - Wind Speed - Wind Direction - Wave Height - Wave Period

The Original ReefCast, 3 mile x 3 mile forecasts for anywhere you click for the next 7 days. We track multiple seas through ReefCast w/extra Wave Data and Multiple Model Runs through ReefCast Ensemble. If you have never seen this be sure to try it. This is where it all started.

This is the Best Offshore Forecasting tool you will ever use.


Tides - All Primary and Secondary Tidal Stations

All primary and secondary Tidal Stations for the entire East Coast and Gulf Coast including Sunrise and Sunset from 1970 to 2037.


Solunar Tables

Solunar Tables for any location including Major and Minor Bite Times, Sun Rise, Transit and Set. Moon Rise, Transit and Set. Action Rating, Moon Phase and illumination.

Free Sea Surface Temperature

Waypoint Management System

Complete Waypoint Management System for uploading YOUR PRIVATE waypoints to create your own Custom SST Charts. Ever wondered where that Temp Break really was compared to YOUR waypoint? Upload your numbers and create your OWN PRIVATE SST Chart. You can also Download our 8000+ waypoints. Add, Edit, Delete, Select Icon and Select Category for Display are all included. The ability to add YOUR waypoints on our charts make SST-Offshore.Com the state of the art in SST Charts.

Need The BEST Data Money Can Buy?

$150 per Year

East Coast and Gulf Coast


$150 per Year

East Coast and Gulf Coast


Want the very latest in oceanographic data?

SST charts, SSH Charts, plankton levels, Chlorophyll Levels, Ocean Currents and weather information with your fishing expertise to make better decisions. We offer high-quality data composite imagery to virtually eliminate cloud cover - that means you are never without the latest information.

Sea Surface Temperature with Loops

Cleaner, more accurate SST information, posted within 2-3 hours of overpass, better cloud masking than other sources. 1 Day, 3 Day and Cloud Free Composites. This is highest Resolution SST Charts available. They are updated within hours of the satellite overpass and have extreme high positional accuracy. If you need the absolute best SST Charts available, this is the SST Charts that you want!

Plankton Density with Loops

Geographically more accurate data with better cloud masking than other sources and a daily composite.

Sea Surface Height Anomaly with Loops

Sea Surface Anomaly analyses interactive data layer like the SST

Offshore Currents with Speed, Direction and Loops

Geostrophic ocean current vectors as an interactive data layer (updated daily). This is worth the price o0f admission by itself. Knowing the direction and speed of the currents can save you major $$ in fuel! Bottom Fishermen take note of this! Would you like to know what area the current is running in BEFORE you go?

Sub Surface Temperatures - 50m - 100m - 300m with Loops

Medium resolution sub surface temperatures at 50, 100 & 300 meters not just static graphic image, but an interactive data layer like the SST

Need Numbers?

Maps Unique has Great GPS Numbers for North Carolina and South Carolina

$50 per Version
Maps Unique
$50 Per Version

North Carolina

Morehead City - 448 GPS Locations
Wrightsville Beach - 596 GPS Locations

South Carolina

Beaufort - 137 GPS Locations
Charleston - 406 GPS Locations
Murrels Inlet - 651 GPS Locations
Savannah - 619 GPS Locations

Use these Accurate GPS Locations directly overlaid on your choice of SST Charts within the Bluewater Supermap System.

Download the entire list for use in your own GPS.

Create your own Custom Charts!

Click the Map for Access To YOUR FREE SST Charts

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Free Sea Surface Temperature


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